Dj Gem Precious 

Backing, brains and total superstar DJ legend. When not playing to enormous club crowds and festivals, Gem has somehow managed to find time to help me onstage with my shows. Something i'm hugely grateful for, as not only is she a total babe but highly experienced and talented. Gem is killing it on the DJ scene and rightly so, all due to her hard work, skills and knowledge. If you want to become as big a fan as me you can check out her work and gig listings here:

John Bradburn

I want to pull you into my world, for that I need you to see a taste of what I see. Starting this project last year, I knew I wanted a visual element. John has been at the very start of the story and it's not nearly finished yet. Techno DJ, VJ and tech-head there is nothing John doesn't know about filming/editing/visuals (well a lot more that me anyway!) All visuals on this site are by John & feature in the live show. You can check out more of his work here:

Fi Tanner

Make-up, styling and photography are all thanks to Fi. Multi talented Fi has been a skilled professional from day one with experience in fashion, arts and photography. Fi took real time to plan and execute this shoot and did a great job. To see more of her amazing creations and get in contact here:


Purpled Elephant for the Video: 'To the Edge' 

Director: Elliot Gonzo, Producer: Laura Heilanen, Production Manager: Reece Proctor, Creative Director: Tinashe Mudoti, Blue Hair Actress: Hannah Seale DOP: Evangelous Polychronopoulos, AC: Luke Miller, Editor: Elliot Gonzon, Colour: Billy Boy Cape, SFX Artist: Theo Salisbury (Exilian Studios) Styling: Tatiana Ivanova.

Special Thanks to ‘One Stop Films’ rental house, ‘The Pet Shop E8’ & Natasha Lawes for FX guidance.